Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is an ART FEST!


Rahmat Haroon

Yeap Lean Heng

George Wielgus

Program List


11am Exhibitions

2pm - 5pm Gig
- Hui Se Di Dai 灰色地带
- Ceased War
- Oracle
- Xerpent 慑魂
- Kelly Musika

5pm - 7pm Opening
- Poems
- Film

7pm - 10pm Gig
- Gang Buster
- Weot Skam
- Deng Deng 等等
- Circle Of Friends
- Akta Angkasa

10pm - 12pm Film
- Slide Show by Yeoh of Lost Generation
- Pink Floyd
- Crash


11am Woodcarving Workshop and exhibitions

2pm - 5pm Gig
- Test Of Nerve
- Inersia X
- Ocean On Fire
- Total Lost
- Ugly Man 丑

5pm - 7pm Films
- Akar Umbi
- 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka
- She's My Son

7pm - 10pm Gig
- Coma
- Zang Wang 葬王
- Shewolves
- Damn Dirty Apes
- Teenage Glory For The Wasted

10pm - 12pm Party
- Bloggers Gathering, Forbidden Culture and Flilca at top floor open air balcony
- Silent Keat and Rainf at Main Hall

Some further details of the artists (not full) are as below:

Yeoh Lean Heng:
Founder of Lost generation Space(since 2004). Curator for Notthatbalai
art festival(2004,2005,2007). Artist.
He is better known through the Wayang Cardboard show
featuring the struggle for housing rights of Kg Berembang( see you tube

Presentation: Yeoh will share with the audience his
experience in starting Lost generation Space, through

Web site:

Rahmat Haroon:
into theater-including street theaters, painting, poems(has
published a few collections of his poems). His latest passion is woodcarving.

Presentation: poem reading

Susan Loone : known for her journalism with alternative portal Malaysiakini and also for her popular blog. She is into
poems, human rights and feminism.

Presentation: a photography with theme: Free from
monarchy-Nepalese women

Photo Walker a.k.a 摄行狂 :
Photography group

Presentation: photo exhibition

Oh Joo Nee : run dance classes, workshops,
performances, parties.

Web site:

Presentation: dance

Ong BK : into theatre, indie films ( 1
film won Freedom Film Fest 2007 award). Coordinator of D' Space and Penang Film
Club (since 2006) Make presentation at Notthatbalai
Festival (2007), Bangun-Abandoned Project Art Fest(2008)

Web site:

Presentation: mini films fest.

Some interesting titles :

`Guardians of the Forest'-Director : Alan D'Cruz, story about the Orang Asli band Akar Umbi.

`10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka' -Director: Fahmi Reza;
This film won the Freedom Film Fest top award;

`Forgotten' -Director: Ong BK. Story about the
endangered century old Clan Jetties community living just below the window of
D' Space-where the Indiefest will be held.

`She is my son' -Director: Indriani Kopal. Story of a transgender person.

More titles will be show-watch out!

Dr Latif Kamaluddin : into off-beat poems-has published many poem collections.

Presentation: poem readings.

George Wielgus(UK): the Mighty Jah-J!

Performance poet, arts worker and community theatre activist, George is currently working with the Fallen Leaves Theatre Company devising Malaysia's first theatre of the oppressed. Originally from Sheffield in the UK, he is now a permanent resident at LostGen Artspace in Brickfields. His bombastic, flamboyant and percussive style of spoken word poetry has twice won him the KL Poetry Slam. He regularly performs at punk gigs, street interventions and galleries across Kuala Lumpur.

Urban Cr3atures : 2d art, designer toy design.

Presentation: artwork presentations.

Echos: experimental music, photography, underground music contributor

Presentation: photography, live band Hui Se Di Dai live performance

Web Site: &


Simon Keogh is an architect and visual artist and has a multidisciplinary practice currently involved in visual art, teaching design, urbanism, furniture prototypes and script writing soap comedy. He has practiced in London, KL, Vancouver, New York and Dublin. He has recently worked at Lost Generation Space in KL towards a solo exhibition entitled ‘PLEASE TOUCH …………dynamic materialism’ held at The Annexe Gallery, KL. He is also preparing to exhibit and run workshops at art event ‘Open House’ at the Lost Generation in September. He is currently completing a Diploma in Contemporary Yoga and will start a Masters in Visual Arts in Dublin in 2009.

My current work emphasizes the concept of interlocking visual art and architecture by exploring the space between painting and sculpture through ‘making’ painting constructions. I start with a composition arrangement which is a mechanism, to test if the piece works visually. The physicality of the process of making these painting constructions using a diverse array of media including metal, wood, paint, clothing and tape, within a framework of visual art, allows an uncertainty in the outcome of the finished piece.

Submission for Indie Art Festival, D’Space , Penang

Title – Absolute Naked - eggs contained
Artist – Simon Keogh
Size – 108 x 108
Medium –acrylic and oil on board
Price - RM2800.00 (each panel)

Year – 2008
Contact – Simon on 016 918 7018
Description - These two painting constructions are carved out of board . The board acts as a frame and canvas. A composition is formed with a roughly cut opening, neatly cut shapes contained in the opening and the interstitial space between the shapes. Each piece has a layer of semi -translucent polyurethane which acts as a barrier between the viewer and the wall. The works three dimensionality is enhanced by a datum of a variety of horizontal lines. The flat colours are intended to give a painterly feel to the work and challenge our perceptions of these pieces as ‘paintings’ by allowing the viewer to the focus on other qualities. The viewer is encouraged to be curious about the work and see ‘possibilities’ for interaction (e.g. can you fit your hand behind the paintings? ) and interpretation (e.g. what can I see behind the polyurethane ?). This piece formed part of a series of work which was recently exhibited at Keogh’s solo exhibition at The Annexe Gallery in KL .


Selected art exhibitions

Out of Line Exhibition - Group exhibition at Central Market, Annexe
The Unknown Exhibition - Group exhibition at Raja Ahmad Fine Art Gallery

In a Silent Way – Art Therapy Group exhibition
Mural Painting at Central Market
Not that Balai Arts Festival , Central Market Annexe
International Women's day Group Show, Singapore

Rantai Art Exhibition – Paintings and Photography
Mural Painting at Basement Records Store, Singapore


Ludwig van Beethoven once said,"Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend."

"Noise" produced and orchestrated by Mindfuckingboy carries no racial or language barrier. Creating "noise" is extremely liberating, free from any authoritative control, free from the conventional and orthodox rules of music. Music produced by Mindfuckingboy is inspired by the nihilistic view on human life and performed without much conscious self-control. "It's a way of expressing my most suppressed and intimate feelings which cannot be expressed into words."


Perhaps one can say that thegirlatomic is a jill of all trades, and a master of none, but she begs to differ. Besides being a writer, independent filmmaker, self-taught artist and full-time punk rocker, she has recently embarked on a journey of a spoken word artist, combining the poetry she has been writing since adolescence with a friend's -- any friend's -- instrumental/noise performances.

Her poetry incorporates different themes -- from critiques of the present society, life experiences, the ever-elusive state of human emotions, to her internal struggle for freedom. She is also an active member of the Lion City DIY collective ( made up of entities like herself interested in creating a better world for everyone, aspiring to deconstruct the status quo, brick by brick by brick. At the same time she is also involved in Food Not Bombs, a social project aiming to bring about awareness regarding the plight of the homeless and needy in Singapore, as well as to combat the waste problem that is currently prevading our society.